It is a window of opportunity for investors and is almost ready for possession. Businesses that are starting a new venture or respected established chains, outlets, superstores, and/or others can avail a huge volume of respected customers in the process of turnout. A win-win situation for everyone.

Why you may ask? Because it is in a prime location, spacious and comfortable lobby and passages, and shops of dimensions that maximize the utilization of the area – are the hallmarks of a successful mall.

If you’re looking for a mall that delivers on all these promises, look no further than our Emporium Shops.

Corporate Offices

We understand that a productive work environment is key to professional success. That’s why we’ve designed our offices with a special focus on improving productivity. With our offices, the client will have a separate entrance and will enjoy access to facilities like secure business-grade internet, and a dedicated lift. So whether you’re an entrepreneur starting your own business or a professional looking for a new office, Offices is the place for you.

Luxury Apartments

Looking for an apartment that offers state-of-the-art facilities? We are designing these apartments to have smart features with an emphasis on providing amenities like a swimming pool, Kids’ Play area, Gymnasium, rooftop BBQ, Dedicated lift & Parking Facility. The apartments are given the highest floors in the building and therefore you will have a view from the top of the building, which means you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your family and loved ones with a view from the balcony.

The best part is that all of these features come together to create an exclusive living experience that you won’t find anywhere else.


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