Emporium Shops

Emporium Shops are designed to utilize the best possible turnout for our customers for optimum viewing and attracting or displaying products and services both within and outside the structure.

The mall has within and outside the premises, a parking area as well as a public transportation transit station within minimal walking distance. The foot count is going to be massive for the 5G Emporium Shops which will directly impact your rental and commercial value. The shops are ready for possession.

Emporium Offices

Corporate offices have all the facilities to engage faster and more resilient in your business activities and to further include an environment that is conducive and convenient to work and access the basic surroundings facilities. A business community with a better standard creates a brighter future to grow one’s business portfolio. We at 5G Emporium are dedicated to creating that community.

Emporium Apartments

Owning the highest floors to enjoy a cup of tea with your loved ones on the balcony. There are two top floors assigned in the 5G Emporium: the sixth and seventh floor. Size and corridors are sufficient for comfortable moveability. Each room has sufficient windows to illuminate the natural light, giving a glowing feeling to the apartment. Possession is almost in hands.


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